Rental Equipment/Gear

Crib full size $15/day 

Crib mini $12/day 

Pack-n-play $9/day 

High chair $8/day 

Kitchen booster chair $8/day 

Bumbo seat with tray $4/day 

Jumparoo $6/day 

Swing $6/day 

Box of toys/books $5/day

Play gym $3/day 

Stroller $7/day 

Jogger $8/day 

Double Jogger $12/day 

Car seat $7/day 

(Infants 5-40lbs and toddlers 20-65lbs

 forward and rear facing option)

Booster car seat $5/day 

(Fits children 40-100lbs)

Frame hiking back pack $8/day 

Security gate $3/day 

Humidifier $3/day 

Infant bath tub $3/day

Potty seat $3/day 

Diaper genie $3/day 

Bouncer $3/day 

Baby monitor $6/day 

Baby carrier $5/day 

Contact Us

 All rental equipmet/gear is age appropriate. All cribs and pack-n-plays come with 2 sets of sheets. If you don't see something you need, let us know and we just may be able to supply it for you. Rental periods are calculated on a daily rate.

All rented equipment/gear is throughly inspected and cleaned between each rental. Equipment/gear is disinfected, steam cleaned and stored in air tight containers.